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Author's Note: Written for [ profile] comment_fic's "Any, any, "well, not crimes against humanity, necessarily, since you're not human, but..." and featuring Tsuzuki and Terazuma going "good cop, bad cop" on Muraki.

WARNING: Language, mild violence, thematic elements

Tsuzuki thought the interrogation was needless: anyone who worked at the Ministry of Hades knew about Muraki and the things he had done, but Terazuma seemed to think it necessary to try and make Muraki sweat by questioning the pale man.

"Kidnapping, rape, torture, murder, casting curses not in self defense, illegal trafficking in human organs, indecent congress with a minor," Terazuma counted off, pacing the interrogation room. Muraki sat calmly shackled to a metal chair, taking all this silence, while Tsuzuki sat across a metal table from Muraki, one eye on his enemy, the other on Terazuma. "I take it you're a sick bastard who uses magic lawlessly and likes little boys. Is there any crime against humanity you haven't committed? You eat babies for breakfast."

Muraki snerked, shifting in his restraints. "We can rule that one out. I might have little regard for adults, but I would never deliberately harm a child under twelve."

"Then explain what you did to Hisoka, under that cherry tree?" Tsuzuki said, looking Muraki in the face.

"This should be good," Terazuma said, leaning against the wall behind Muraki's chair and lighting a cigarette, blowing the smoke at their subject.

"I don't excuse what I did, but in my defense, I mistook the youngster for a sixteen year old girl in the dark. By the time I discovered my error, it was too late and I was already between the youngster's lovely pale thighs," Muraki said, dropping his voice to a husky drawl, as he eyed Tsuzuki.

"Cut the *crap*, Muraki," Tsuzuki snapped, slamming a fist on the table. "Your disregard for life and your crimes against humanity disgust me. You used Hisoka, you kidnapped and tortured me, you carved up dozens of people for your vile experiments--"

Muraki laughed. "Well, not crimes against humanity, necessarily, since you're not human, but if that's what you wish to call it. You were no more human during your life than I am now. You and I share that much in common, that the blood of fallen angels beats in our veins."

Terazuma slapped the back of Muraki's head, stunning him. "Shaddap, whitey. Tsuzuki's a lotta things, but an angel or a demon ain't one of 'em."
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