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Author's Note: Written for [community profile] comment_fic's Inception/Black Jewels Trilogy, Arthur/Eames, author's choice Turned into an AU where Arthur is a Warlord Prince and Eames is a male Black Widow.

*How's that web coming?* Arthur asked along a spear-thread.

*About the same as before; your dulcet voice is slowing me down, darling,* the Ebon-Grey wearing male replied.

*Never slowed you down.*

*We're making this Tangled Web for a landen dreamer: these need especial care so our boyo doesn't end up a permanent resident of the Tangled Kingdom.*

*Point taken.*

*Thought you already took it?*

*Very funny. Next time, don't make such obvious puns.*

*Next time don't open yourself up to being a target for obvious puns.*

*Now who's distracting you, Eames?"

*You always know how to disarm me the best..."
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