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Author's Note: Written for Livejournal's "adventchallenge"'s "chocolate". Featuring Muraki/Tsuzuki in an AU where Tsuzuki is Muraki's companion (I need to make a master list of the fics in this AU...)

Every December, Muraki hosted a Christmas party for his colleagues and other prominent folk in his circle. All during the day, the servants hustled about the house, decking the halls with the proverbial boughs of holly, setting the buffet tables in the dining room, decorating the tall fir tree in the ballroom. Tsuzuki tried to make himself useful to them, but Sakaki gently sent him aside.

"Shouldn't you be freshening up for the evening, Tsuzuki-kun?" Sakaki said.

"I'd really rather help out," Tsuzuki replied, hopefully. "I'm used to decorating myself."

"True, but wasn't it a smaller space?"

"Yeah, but it feels odd not doing it," Tsuzuki said, his shoulders slumped. "I'll head upstairs, I guess."

He turned away and headed for the hallway by passing through the dining room. In so doing, he passed by a table already laden with fresh fruit and flowers, salted nuts and chocolates. Glancing around to make sure the servants didn't notice him, he helped himself to the dish of chocolates. Cocoa powder covered a small square of smooth, velvety chocolate. He sighed in his throat, letting the candy melt over his tongue. He helped himself to another, just as luxurious.

He heard a throat clear behind him and, while reaching for a third, he looked up into Muraki's pale face, smirking at him.

"I, ah, was just taste testing the chocolates," Tsuzuki said, sheepishly.

"If you weren't taking a few -- or more -- I would have cause for concern," Muraki said, slipping an arm behind Tsuzuki's back, guiding him out of the dining room. "Just be sure to leave some for the guests?"

"It's a little hard to keep eating them when you're pulling me away from them," Tsuzuki grumbled.
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