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Author's Note: Written for < lj user="fuda_100">'s "Globe-trotting". Featuring Tsuzuki and Hisoka, on Muraki's trail.

"Better pack up, Hisoka, we got an international assignment," Tsuzuki said, joining Hisoka.

"Another major disaster?" he asked, thinking of the outside help they'd had during an earthquake.

"No, thank Enma: the Public Security Section's got some information from the Canada branch: they've spotted someone who looks like Muraki."

Hisoka felt a twinge run through Muraki's mark on his soul. "And they want us to look into it."

"Yeah, and we've got a plane to catch in the morning. Um... you speak English, don't you?"

"Much better than you do: I hope they've got an interpreter, or else you're sunk."
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