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Author's Note: Written for < lj user="fuda_100">'s "Bargains". Pre-canon, featuring Muraki's grandfather and... how he came to know so much about things that go bump in the night (also playing with my theory that Muraki and Tsuzuki are Nephillim of some kind)...

"You found one of our offspring and yet you did not think to tend him better?" the pale being said. "He slipped into the hands of the King of Hades."

"I didn't know what he was, but if I had, I would have turned him over to you," Yukitaka replied.

A smirk crossed the stranger's face. "You have the cunning that we possess. We shall overlook your error if you shall create something for us."

"Name it and I'm at your disposal."

"We want you to create and tend a Nephillim to its majority and awakening."

"That I can do..."
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