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Author's Note: Written for [profile] fuda_100's "Supernaturals (other than Shinigami)". Featuring Tsuzuki, Hisoka and a werewolf

"It's gaining on us! We're doomed!" Tsuzuki panted, as they pelted away from the charging werewolf.

"It can't turn us, we're already dead!" Hisoka snapped, trying to close the distance between him and his longer-legged partner.

They could swear thing had gained on them, but the pit trap for it loomed ahead, and Tsuzuki hovered across it, Hisoka on his heels. The werewolf yelped as the thin layer of bracken gave way under its paws.

Tsuzuki collapsed on the grass beyond the pit. "There, that should hold it."

"Long as it doesn't climb out before the sunlight shines on it."
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