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Author's Note: Written for < lj user="fuda_100">'s "all that glitters is not gold". Featuring Muraki, contemplating the eyes of three shinigami.

How often the eyes of these beings took on the colors of gemstones: Hisoka, his lovely puppet, with his eyes like emeralds; Tatsumi, the secretary of the Summons Section, with his eyes like sapphires, and above all, Tsuzuki, with his soulful eyes like amethysts -- strange, when one considered how amethysts got their names, from the belief that they prevented drunkenness, and contrasted it with Tsuzuki's drinking habits. Colors one didn't often see in mere humans, which only heightened their inhumanity, while making them seem more attractive and, dare he put it, enticing. It made Tsuzuki more precious to him...
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